Secure Online Banking





Online Banking
Sometimes you need to take care of business beyond the normal 8:00 to 5:00 business day. Farmers-Merchants Bank & Trust Co.'s Online Banking enables you to access your personal or business accounts anytime; it's the perfect tool to do your banking whether at home, in the office or while traveling. Online Banking gives you the freedom to choose your own banking hours and to be in control. It's fast, easy, and secure. No lines. No set hours. And no waiting.

Click this link to enroll in Online Banking: Online Banking Login/Enrollment.

Email Bank Statements
E-Mail statements provide all information available on paper statements. Your statement will be attached to an e-mail message instructing you on how to access your bank statement. The message will contain a sequence of steps guiding you through the procedure. Images of checks for the month are easily accessed with your statement. You may print your statement for your convenience and permanent retention.

Click this link to view and print the form: E-Mail statements enrollment form.

A 24- hour telephone account inquiry telebanking system that allows you to access your account anytime, anywhere, from any phone. Call 337-332-8454.

Click this link to view and print the form: Telebanking enrollment form.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Protect your important papers, records and valuables with a safe deposit box. Fees range from $30.00 to $60.00 annually, and can be debited from your Farmers-Merchants Bank deposit account automatically. Note: Box contents are not insured by any government agency or Farmers-Merchants Bank.


Money Orders/Cashier's Checks
When you need an official check to guarantee available funds, Farmers-Merchants can provide you with a money order or cashier check. Fees consist of a minimum $2.00 charge.


Notary Service
Need a document legally witnessed or certified? Farmers-Merchants Bank & Trust Co. has friendly notaries ready to service your needs. Notary fees are $10.00.


Wire Transfer
Farmers-Merchants Bank & Trust Co. provides a quicker, safer way to send money to another location rather than through the mail with wire transfers. Fees are $12.00 (outgoing US), $9.00 (incoming US), and $25.00 (International wire).

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit is available through government agencies and certain businesses. With this program your check is automatically deposited into your account.

Fax Service
For those who occasionally need to fax documents, Farmers-Merchants provides use of their fax machines for a nominal fee. Fees include: $2.00 per page for a local fax, $3.00 per page for a long-distance fax (US), and $5.00 per page for an International faxes.

Night Depository 
Conveniently located at each branch of Farmers-Merchants Bank & Trust Co. is a night depository. If you find yourself running late to make a deposit, or need to drop off a deposit on the weekend, you can always use our night depository. Anyone can drop off a deposit by securely putting your deposit in an envelope with your name on it and dropping it in the envelope slot of the night depository. No key or special code is needed for envelope deposits. Businesses and frequent large depositors will need a key to deposit a bag. Stop at your local branch to inquire about depositing a bag.

Bank by Mail
For those who find banking by mail more convenient, Farmers-Merchants Bank & Trust Co. provides our customers with Bank by Mail envelopes without charge.