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Card Services

FM Bank ATM/Debit Card Information

The FM Bank ATM/Debit Card will enable you to conveniently conduct routine transactions. With it, you will be able to withdraw cash, make Point of Sale (POS) purchases and inquire on your account.


What is a Personal Identification Number?
The Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a four-digit numeric identification number known only by you. When you insert your card into an ATM, you will immediately be instructed to enter your PIN. You will not be able to complete your transaction unless your PIN is entered correctly. This is an important safety feature, no one else should be using your card or know your PIN.

What are the Daily Limits for my new debit card?

  • $1,000 Point of Sale (Consumer) $5,000 Point of Sale (Business)
  • $500 ATM (Consumer) $1,500 ATM (Business)
  • *Starter Checking Only – $250 Point of Sale $100 ATM

What transactions can I perform at the ATM?

  • Withdraw cash from your checking or savings account
  • Transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts
  • Check your account balance

How can I manage my ATM/Debit card?
Using our Online Banking or Mobile App, you can set alerts for card usage. You can also turn your card on and off, or report your card lost or stolen. Travel notifications can be set up when needed.

Where can I use my ATM/Debit card?
You can use your card at any ATM or Merchant Terminal where Visa is accepted. If your card is activated with the Debit Feature, you can also use it to make purchases. You may conduct purchases via Apple Pay/Samsung Pay/Google Pay. See a list of our FM Bank owned ATMs at fmbanking.com.

To report: Lost/Stolen debit card, unauthorized transactions, or to dispute a transaction, please call (337) 332-4132.

Credit Cards

FM Bank is pleased to offer credit card services for business or personal use through Mastercard. Any of our Bankers would be glad to assist you with questions you may have about the application process.