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Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System
Registered Mortgage Loan Originators

Farmers-Merchants Bank & Trust Company
Unique Identifier: 435137

Mortgage Loan Originator Name          Unique Identifier

Jade Ashleylynn Bellard                                    1288566

Paul Ovey Champagne Jr                                  489390

Hunter Michael Comeaux                                2055482

Brittany Marie Guidry                                      1752925

Ashley Blanchard Hebert                                1083346

Bridget Schexnayder Lavergne                      981777

Toni Lee LeBlanc                                              699396

Justin Paul McManus                                      1365290

Destiney Janette Webb                                    1113731

Rhona Henry Wyche                                        489389

The following website will provide you with information about all mortgage loan originators who are either licensed and/or registered. The unique identifier will be required to access the information pertaining to a particular mortgage loan originator.